Content Rules PDF Free Download

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  1. Content Rules PDF Free Download
  2. Content Rules Pdf Free Download Free
  3. Content Rules Pdf Free Download Pdf
  4. Content Rules Pdf free. download full
  5. Content Rules Pdf Free Download 2018

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Content Rules PDF Free Download

There’s nothing I like better than when good content begets other good content. After all, producing content is a relative cinch. But producing good (or even great!) content? That’s a lot harder.

Content Rules Pdf Free Download Free

Which is why you’ve got to make sure you squeeze every last drop of engaging goodness out of every piece of content you generate. Or, as C.C. and I write in Content Rules, think REIMAGINED, not recycled.

How might that ebook become a series of blog posts? How about interviewing the ebook author for a podcast? How about mining the best questions from a webinar Q&A for a tip sheet you publish on your blog? How might parts of that white paper become an infographic? Or a video infographic? (My friend Tim Washer is a master at this.)

A few weeks ago, I presented an online seminar for Radian6. (Note to conference organizers: Radian6’s David B. Thomas brings something special to the role of moderator.) As part of my presentation — and I mean one SMALL part! — was about how to tell your story: How do you pull the stories out of your own brand or company? To assist, I created a series of prompts for marketers and content creators — almost like writing prompts from my j-school days. You can see here for more marketing information.

My MarketingProfs colleague Veronica Jarski created this below based on that part of my talk — a so-called “infodoodle” of How to Tell Your Company’s Story. Part doodle, part… well, info!… I love how it’s a reimagined remix of part of my presentation. Take a look and tell me what you think:

How to tell your company’s story infodoodles from ann handley of marketing profs
Content Rules PDF Free Download

Content Rules Pdf Free Download Pdf

Well, hey there!

We’re so glad you popped in!

If you are on this secret insider’s page, you have probably bought the book. And so first: THANK YOU!

Content Rules Pdf free. download full

We’d love to know what you thought of it, so please give us a shout! We might post your review here, if you are game.

But enough about us. You came here for a reason, right? So as promised in the book, here’s some extra goodies we’ve packed just for you.

In the book we promised the Content Rules Blog Post Template inspired by Kodak, as well as the 12-point Content Rules Checklist.

Grab. Use. Enjoy:

Content Rules Pdf Free Download 2018

Thank you again for buying a copy of Content Rules.

Be sure to swing back here occasionally, because you never know what we might add to this secret “insider” page!

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