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Free Flight Fantasies. This is Thayer Syme's excellent web site devoted mostly to free flight models, both scale and sport types. There are plenty of fine models to admire, both by Thayer and others, plus plans to download and hints and tips on building and trimming free-flight models. GLIDER PLANS PAGE #2keil kraft invader - belowTOWLINE GLIDERSCLICK ON THE PLANS PICTURE TO DOWNLOAD PLANSkavkakeil kraft cadetkeil kraft dolphinkeil kraft invaderkeil. Flight Plan Form Pdf. Fill out, securely sign, print or email your simple flightplan form instantly with SignNow. The most secure digital platform to get legally binding, electronically signed documents in just a few seconds. Available for PC, iOS and Android. Start a free trial now to save yourself time and money!

Outerzone is... family

We collect and share plans of vintage and old-timer flying model airplanes. For free. We do it together. And we've been doing it since 2011. No need to login, just grab and go.

Thanks to you all, there are now 13,131 plans here for free download. We think that's pretty good going. Thank you for helping us to make Outerzone what it is, an awesome free archive of old-timer goodness. Three cheers for all of us!

Latest Plans

Here are the 12 newest plan uploads. For more, see the Browse Plans pages

Flattop (oz13210)

by Dave Hewitt
from Model Builder
April 1992
38in span

Plan Details

Minimoa (oz13209)

by Gene Rock
from Keil Kraft
50in span

Plan Details

Schoolboy (oz13208)

by Bill Bowne
36in span

Plan Details

Taylorcraft BF-50 (oz13207)

by Hobie Clay
from Model Builder
November 1983
13in span

Plan Details

Profile Spitfire (oz13206)

by Warren Brown
30in span

FlightPlan Details

Dormoy Bathtub (oz13205)

by Hank Iltzsch
from Model Builder
March 1981
95in span

Plan Details

Bellanca Columbia (oz13204)

by Dave Haught
from Model Aviation
March 1990
40in span

Plan Details

AV 6 (oz13203)

by Guy Borgé
from MRA
May 1945
35in span

Plan Details

Kereru (oz13202)

by Alan Wooster
47in span

Plan Details

Mirage F1 (oz13201)

by Pavel Bosak
from RC Model World
September 1989
34in span

Plan Details

Luftikus (oz13200)

by Georg Friedrich
from FMT
April 1960
54in span

Plan Details

Quak (oz13199)

Flight Plan Free Online

by Georg Friedrich
from FMT
April 1960
22in span

Plan DetailsIfr flight plan pdf

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Latest Comments

Flight Plan Go Computer Download

I'm not belittling the designer's abilities, the Boot Airfoil Design Method was and is well recognised, think Roncz or Wortmann! The following is Martin Heppele's take on 'flying wings' even if coming much later than this AV 6...
Miguel : AV 6 : 01/08/2021

That’s a great job, Mr Rock!
It looks fantastic!
Bert : Minimoa : 01/08/2021

re help on the way, see Minimoa (oz13209) now for Gene's new version of the Minimoa plan, redrawn from scratch.
SteveWMD : Minimoa : 01/08/2021

Seems to be the same airfoil he later used in the AV-10 (oz 4423). Looks neat, with a very smooth reflex incorporated into it. I wonder if AV's 1 thru 5 and 7 to 9 were ever...
RC Yeager : AV 6 : 30/07/2021

Hello, the 'boot profile' seems to be actually a studied freestanding profile, with double concavity of the midline and constant pitch moment coefficient, widely used in some old flying wings, I think it is worth trying those spoilers...
Claudio Acosta : AV 6 : 30/07/2021

Hi friends, I really want to build a Hi-Fly. What is your experience with the .049 engine like a power option? Thank you very much
Gustavo Ruiz : Hi-Fly : 30/07/2021

What a find! Thank you Outerzone for all these classic old-timers the ooze character.
John Green : AV 6 : 30/07/2021

Interesting indeed. I'm puzzled about those 'volets de réglage' (trimming spoilers, it seems) on the wingtips. By the way, 10/10 are tenths of 1mm, so 10/10 means 1mm, 20/10 is 2mm, etc. I loved the 'Borgé 3' wing...
Miguel : AV 6 : 30/07/2021

I guess this is exactly the Larry Rojair IMP trainer kit from 1976!
Sotiris Reizis : Executive : 30/07/2021

Hi, I send a few photos of my new 1943 Super Sinbad [main pic, 005-011]. Flight weight 440 grams. Modelspan cover. Thanks for the plan. More at: www.khmm.cz From Pilsen, Czech Republic,
Karel Slupsky : Super Sinbad : 30/07/2021

This is my 'Parat' [pic 008].
MJ : Parat : 30/07/2021

Hi, Hereby a few pictures [006-008] of my Sagitta 600 slope soarer, build from this plan. I've build the Sagitta 600 as a slope soarer, with mono-dihedral and ailerons. She flies great! Cheers,
Ramses de Looff : Sagitta 600 : 30/07/2021

Latest Site Updates

01/08/2021 : PlanID=13006 : Citabria by Bud Nosen from Bud Nosen Models : Removed sheet #3 showing parts templates, at request of Mark Robey, who drew up that sheet. Note see datafile for link to the source file as hosted on RCGroups, which includes sheet #3 with all parts templates.

30/07/2021 : PlanID=4165 : Fairchild Argus by EJ Riding from Aeromodeller : Added power conversion article from Aeromodeller, February 1953, thanks to RFJ.

30/07/2021 : PlanID=11911 : Electro Streak by Don Anderson from Great Planes : Added kit review from MAN, Nov 1989, thanks to Esteban.

29/07/2021 : PlanID=5957 : Super Sportster 90/120 by Jim Feldmann, Don Anderson from RCMplans : Added kit review from Flying Models, February 1989, thanks to RFJ.

28/07/2021 : PlanID=13200 : Luftikus by Georg Friedrich from FMT : Added article (includes parts list) in German, thanks to tiptipflyer.

28/07/2021 : PlanID=13198 : Zaunkonig by Hans-Joachim Fuchs from FMT : Added article (includes parts list) in German, thanks to tiptipflyer.

28/07/2021 : PlanID=13199 : Quak by Georg Friedrich from FMT : Update 28/07/2021: Added article (includes parts list) in German, thanks to tiptipflyer.

27/07/2021 : PlanID=13194 : Racek R-7 by Lubomir Koutny from Model Builder : Added transcript, thanks to JanNovick.

26/07/2021 : PlanID=13194 : Racek R-7 by Lubomir Koutny from Model Builder : Replaced the article with a complete copy, thanks to DaveD.

26/07/2021 : PlanID=4762 : Westland Lysander by Paul Lindberg from Popular Aviation : Added article, thanks to RogerC.

26/07/2021 : PlanID=13190 : Ho Cat by Henry Struck from Model Builder : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to MB2020.

26/07/2021 : PlanID=5971 : Spacewalker by Dennis Tapsfield from RCMplans : Added further article (in German) from FMT Jan 1990, thanks to AxelVPF.

Flight Plan PDF Free Download

26/07/2021 : PlanID=5538 : Douglas DC-3 Dakota by Pavel Bosak from Flying Models : Added further article pages from RCM&E, May 1982, thanks to RFJ.

26/07/2021 : PlanID=13045 : Snipe by Don Gurnett from Model Airplane News : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to theshadow.

Latest Plans text listing

Flattop - Dave Hewitt - 38in IC F/F
Minimoa - Gene Rock - 50in Scale Glider F/F
Schoolboy - Bill Bowne - 36in Electric R/C
Taylorcraft BF-50 - Hobie Clay - 13in Scale...
Profile Spitfire - Warren Brown - 30in Scale IC...
Dormoy Bathtub - Hank Iltzsch - 95in Scale IC...
Bellanca Columbia - Dave Haught - 40in Scale IC...
AV 6 - Guy Borgé - 35in Glider F/F
Kereru - Alan Wooster - 47in Electric R/C
Mirage F1 - Pavel Bosak - 34in Scale IC R/C
Luftikus - Georg Friedrich - 54in IC R/C
Quak - Georg Friedrich - 22in IC F/F
Zaunkonig - Hans-Joachim Fuchs - 34in Glider...
DH82 Tiger Moth - Alan Wooster - 44in Scale IC...
Guppy - Michael Grob - 65in Electric R/C
Acrofolk 45 - Roberto Prezioso - 59in IC R/C
Racek R-7 - Lubomir Koutny - 13in Scale Rubber...
Wasp RC - Warren Brown - 26in IC R/C
Pigeon - Clark Ross - 12in Glider F/F
Henry - Alan Wooster - 48in Electric R/C
Ho Cat - Henry Struck - 60in IC F/F
Miles Atwood Special - Daniel Holloway - 16in...
Spirit - Don Anderson - 78in Glider R/C
Joe Krush Low Wing - Joe Krush - 52in IC R/C
Flip - Clark Ross - 14in Glider F/F
Boeing Stearman PT13D - Bengt Norman - 39in...
Corona Hawk 36 - Andy Kunz - 37in Electric...
Swizzle Stick 60 - 96in IC R/C
Screaming Eagle - Van Twelves - 62in IC R/C
B-17 Flying Fortress - Pavel Bosak - 76in Scale...
P-61B Black Widow - 72in Scale IC R/C
White Monoplane - Walt Mooney - 13in Scale...
Looping II - Ledertheil - 21in IC C/L
L-200 Morava - Zdenek Raska - 64in Scale...
Pay Later - Dave Linstrum - 36in IC F/F
Curtiss-Wright CW-1 Junior - Richard Say - 49in...
Cessna C-34 - Frank T Roberts - 25in Scale...
Sprinter - Micha Muller - 21in IC C/L
Blackburn Ripon - Mike Stuart - 13in Scale...
Daedalus - Otto Roser - 88in Glider F/F
Dragon Fli - Phil Hartman - 7in Rubber F/F
Amiot 143 - Jacques Cartigny - 22in Scale...
Aeronca L-16 - Walt Musciano - 35in Scale IC...
Orca - Larry Sicuranza - 61in IC F/F
Doodle Bug - Jerry Stoloff - 14in Rubber F/F
Kaimano TAN 40 - Roberto Prezioso - 59in IC R/C
Monocoupe - S Cal Smith - 56in Scale IC R/C
Spitfire - 24in Scale Rubber F/F
Jetfire II - Ian Peacock - 44in IC R/C
Tramp - 63in Glider R/C


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