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Look up Grit, grit, grits, grittiness, or gritty in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

Grit, Grits, or Gritty may refer to:


  • Grit (grain), bran, chaff, mill-dust or coarse oatmeal
  • Grits, a corn-based food common in the Southern United States


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  • Grit, winter pavement-treatment minerals deployed in grit bins
  • Grit, or gastrolith, swallowed abrasive substances with roles in digestion
  • Gritstone, category of sedimentary rock
  • Shell grit, dietary calcium source in birds

Abrasive technologies[edit]

  • Grit, one of the byproducts of grinding, an abrasive machining process
  • Grit removal, the removal of grit, the coarse abrasive material in untreated sewage
  • Grit size table, fineness/coarseness classification of sandpaper grit, and compares the CAMI and 'P' designations with the average grit size in micrometres (µm)

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Art and entertainment[edit]

  • Grit (film), a 1924 American silent film starring Clara Bow
  • Grit (newspaper), a magazine, formerly a weekly newspaper
  • Grit (Transformers), a Micromasters Decepticon - Constructor Squad character
  • Grit (TV network), an American digital multicast television network
  • Grit (Martyn Bennett album), a 2003 album by Martyn Bennett
  • Grit (Madrugada album), a 2002 album by Norwegian band Madrugada
  • GRITS, a hip hop duo from the United States

People with the name[edit]

  • Grit Boettcher (born 1938), German actress
  • Grit Breuer (born 1972), former German athlete
  • Diederik Grit (1949–2012), Dutch translator and translation scholar
  • Grit Haid (1900–1938), Austrian stage and film actress
  • Grit Hammer (born 1966), retired German shot putter
  • Grit Hegesa (1891–1972), German dancer and silent film actress
  • Grit Jurack (born 1977), former German handball player
  • Grit Lehmann (born 1976), professional female volleyball player
  • Grit Müller (born 1972), retired German swimmer
  • Grit Naumann (born 1966), retired German female volleyball player
  • Grit Šadeiko (born 1989), Estonian heptathlete
  • Grit Slaby (born 1965), German swimmer


  • Grit, Texas, USA
  • Grit, Virginia, USA

Other uses[edit]

Grit PDF Free Download

  • Grit (personality trait), a positive non-cognitive trait
  • GRIT, the RICS (gene), a protein in humans
  • Grits, a former pet of US president Jimmy Carter
  • Gritty (mascot), NHL mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers since 2018
  • Clear Grits, 19th-century political movement
  • Liberal Party of Canada, colloquially referred to as the Grits
  • GRITS, the new universal tolling system soon to be adopted in the Greek motorway system

See also[edit]

  • Steve Gritt (born 1957), British footballer
  • Franklin Gritts (1915-1996), American artist

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