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The following is a list of episodes of the Canadiananimated television seriesThe Raccoons. The series began as TV specials broadcast between 1980 and 1983 and a direct-to-video special in 1984, before becoming a regular series in 1985.

The Raccoons logo

Specials (1980–1984)[edit]

The Raccoons began life as three television specials and one direct-to-video special:

01'The Christmas Raccoons[1]'December 17, 1980'Lost Angels'
'Perfect Tree'
'Lake Freeze'
'Shake the Sun'

Cyril Sneer is cutting down all of the trees in the Evergreen Forest, and it's up to married couple Ralph and Melissa Raccoon, their friend Bert and their new sheepdog friend Schaeffer to save the forest.

Note: First appearances of the Raccoons (Bert, Ralph and Melissa), Ranger Dan, his kids (Julie and Tommy), Cyril and Cedric Sneer and sheepdog Schaeffer.
02'The Raccoons on Ice[2]'December 20, 1981'Takin' My Time'
'To Have You'
'Some Days'
'You Can Do It'

The fate of Evergreen Lake is at stake as Cyril Sneer plans to build his 'Cyril-Dome' on top of the lake. The Raccoons, Schaeffer, Cedric Sneer, and Sophia Tutu challenge Cyril to a hockey game to see who keeps the lake once and for all.

Note: First appearances of Sophia Tutu (Cedric's girlfriend), Cyril's dog Snag and the Bears.
03'The Raccoons and the Lost Star[3]'December 13, 1983'Calling You'
'One More Night'
'Lions and Tigers'
'Fallin' Fallin'

Schaeffer is suddenly whisked away to an alien planet, where Cyril Sneer plans to rule the earth.

Note: First appearances of Broo the Puppy and the Pigs.
04'The Raccoons: Let's Dance! [4]'October 5, 1984'Calling You'
'You Can Do It'
'Takin' My Time'
'To Have You'
'Lions and Tigers'

A direct-to-video 'music video' consisting largely of clips from the previous specials set to songs (also from the previous specials), as Bert Raccoon is having a music video party and everyone is invited. Though Cyril is trying to get some sleep in the process.

Note: This is the pilot for the upcoming TV series.

Regular series[edit]

Sixty episodes were broadcast between 1985 and 1991. All but three episode titles had exclamation marks at the end.

Season 1 (1985–1986)[edit]

01'Surprise Attack'July 4, 1985 (USA)
November 11, 1985 (Canada)
'Run With Us'
'Sooner or Later' (uncredited)
'Happy Birthday to You'

Bert, Ralph, Melissa, and the rest of the gang plan a surprise for Cyril Sneer, which makes him paranoid when he thinks that the Raccoons are planning an uprising against him.

Note: From this episode on, the instrumental to 'Sooner or Later' was played.
02'Going It Alone!'1985'Night After Night'
'Sooner or Later' (instrumental)
Bert Raccoon climbs Evergreen Mountain in order to prove to Melissa and Ralph that he can do something on his own. Meanwhile, Cyril Sneer plans to stop Bert in order to keep a dark family secret hidden.
03'A Night to Remember'1985'All Life Long'
Bert and Ralph take Cedric on a camping trip to a fort they built as kids, without the girls and Cedric must spend the night inside the local haunted house to join their club.
04'The Evergreen Grand Prix'1985'Here I Go Again'
'Run With Us' (instrumental)

Cyril Sneer and Mammoth Motors plan to create a car factory in the Evergreen Forest, possibly ruining the beauty of the forerst forever. In order to save it, Bert and his friends create a solar-powered car to race against Cyril's own Sneermobile.

Note: First appearance of Mr. Mammoth and his bird sidekick.[6]
05'The Runaways!'1985'Sooner or Later'
Because he feels that his father doesn't appreciate him, Cedric Sneer runs away from home and lives with his friends, the Raccoons. Meanwhile, the human children Julie and Tommy run away from home as well, but get lost in the forest.
06'Buried Treasure!'1985'Missing It'
Bert, Cedric, and little puppy Broo find an old treasure map and search all around the Evergreen Forest to find it. Meanwhile Cyril Sneer hears about the trio's search and wants the treasure for himself.
07'The Intruders!'1985'Hang On, Hold On'
When Ralph and Cedric become trapped in Cyril Sneer's new vault, it's up to Bert, Melissa, Broo, and even Cyril to save them, while dodging the vault's many traps.
08'Opportunity Knocks!'1986'Ain't No Planes'
'Sooner or Later' (instrumental)
'Here I Go Again' (instrumental)
Ralph Raccoon gets a job opportunity for working at a major newspaper company in the city, while Ranger Forest Dan gets a job opportunity in the city, as well. It's up to Bert Raccoon to make sure that the gang stays in the Evergreen Forest in order to stop Cyril Sneer from ruining the Evergreen Forest.
09'Cry Wolf!'1986'Here I Go Again'
'Sooner or Later' (instrumental)

After worrying Ralph and Melissa with his wild stories, nobody believes Bert when he finds out that Cyril Sneer ,who is suffering from insomnia is planning to pave the Evergreen Forest into a giant parking lot in order to get to sleep.

Note: This episode features the final appearances of Ranger Dan, Julie and Tommy. Their cabin would make a brief appearance in Blast from the Past!. Despite the humans' departure, Schaeffer and Broo continue their tenure in the show.
10'Rumours!'1986'Missing It'
'Sooner or Later' (instrumental)
'Got Me Singing' (instrumental)

Cedric and Sophia overhear that the king and queen are arriving to the Evergreen Forest, which intrigues Bert to become a knight. Meanwhile, Cyril wants to become a kinight as well, but only to be knighted as ruler of the Evergreen Forest.

Note: The instrumental version of 'Got Me Singing' was played. The vocal version wasn't heard until Courting Disaster!.

Goof: Cedric tells Sophia that Excalibur Sneer was Cyril's great-great-great uncle. Cyril, a few minutes later, states that Excalibur was his great-great uncle.
11'Gold Rush!'1986'Don't Fear the Fire'
'Sooner or Later' (instrumental)

Cyril plans to buy the Evergreen Standard, and even gets local entrepeuner Mr. Knox to help him. Mr. Knox will buy every ink-and-paper company so that the Standard will run out of supplies, but wants his payment in gold. Meanwhile, Bert plans to save the paper by magically creating enough gold to get supplies.

Note: First appearance of Mr. Knox. Last appearance of the original 'Run With Us' theme sung by Steve Lunt, the final episode featuring Linda Feige as the voice of Melissa and to be animated at Atkinson-Film Arts.[7]

Season 2 (1987)[edit]

12'Double Play!'1987'Growing Up'
'Sooner or Later' (instrumental)

A big-time baseball team known as The Mammoth Mudhens are arriving in the Evergreen Forest, and are looking for someone to join their game. This causes the friendship between Bert Raccoon and Cedric Sneer to shatter as the two compete against each other to get the contract.

Note: This is the first episode featuring Susan Roman as Melissa, Lisa Lougheed as the main female singer instead of Luba, and to be animated by Hinton Animation Studios.

13'The Sweet Smell of Success!'1987'Hang On, Hold On'
'The Sweet Smell of Success'
'Got Me Singing' (instrumental)

Cyril Sneer tempts Bert to become his new spokesperson for his new line of cologne.

Note: From this episode on, the instrumental to 'The Sweet Smell of Success' was played.[9]
14'Blast from the Past!'1987'This Time'
Cyril is sent into a panic when he learns that his old business partner Karl Snarl, whom he double crossed years ago, is about to return and 'give him what he deserves'. Meanwhile, Bert finds an old helicopter, and Melissa must overcome her fear of heights in order to save her friends.
15'Power Trip!'1987'Hold Back Tomorrow'
'Got Me Singing' (instrumental)
Due to an unpaid bill, Mammoth power cuts Cyril's energy supply, and Cyril plans to build a power dam to put Mammoth in his place. Meanwhile, Ralph's Aunt Gertie comes to visit and Bert and Cedric agree to stay with her while Ralph and Melissa are on a camping trip.
16'Stop the Clock!'1987'Growing Up'
'Sooner or Later' (instrumental)
'The Sweet Smell of Success' (instrumental)

Cousin Bentley comes to visit the Raccoons. Meanwhile, Cyril Sneer tries to regain his youthfulness with a magic potion.

Note: First appearance of Bentley Raccoon.

Goof: Bentley was first introduced in this episode as Ralph or Melissa's cousin, but is later referenced as their nephew.
17'The Artful Dodger!'1987'Here I Go Again'
'The Sweet Smell of Success' (instrumental)

Bert and Melissa explore the mysterious Endless Echo caverns and happen upon some unusual cave paintings. After bidding $50,000 on a small painting, Cyril Sneer learns of the profitability of the art market.

Note: First appearance of Lady Baden-Baden and Professor Smedley-Smythe.
18'Last Legs!'1987'Stop the Clock'
'The Sweet Smell of Success' (instrumental)

Cyril Sneer has a bad cold, and due to a misunderstanding, the pigs convince him he's dying. Bert upon hearing the news, puts all of his printing press savings into a monument for Cyril, and even holds some odd jobs to gain more funding. But when Cyril finds out he isn't dying at all, he tries to take advantage of the opportunity to bankrupt the Evergreen Standard.

Note: This is the only episode to not feature Cedric Sneer, he is mentioned however.[10]
19'Read No Evil!'1987'New World'

Bert and Cedric meet Herman the hermit, and learn that his home, Beaver Bite Swamp, may have oil under it. This grabs Cyril's attention, and he tries to buy the swamp out from underneath Herman.

Note: Only time the credits are spoken over. Pig One asks Cyril to read the fine print he received from Mammoth.
20'Courting Disaster!'1987'Got Me Singing'
'The Sweet Smell of Success' (instrumental)
Due to a misunderstanding, Cyril Sneer and local resident Lady Baden-Baden are getting married. This worries Cedric, who never knew his true mother, and Mr. Knox, who secretly loves Lady Baden-Baden.
21'Time Trap!'1987'Stop the Clock'
The Pigs create a time machine, which Cyril Sneer uses to go back to certain times and change certain events.

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Season 3 (1988)[edit]

22'The Prism of Zenda!'1988'Missing It'

Lady Baden-Baden allows Cyril Sneer to use her priceless diamond, The Prism of Zenda, to be used in a big-budget movie funded by Cyril himself. But when the prism disappears, it's up to Bert to find it, while Cyril distracts Mr. Knox and Lady Baden-Baden from finding out that the prism disappeared.

Note: The title is a reference to 'The Prisoner of Zenda'.
23'Paperback Hero!'1988'Here I Go Again'
Famous author and adventurer Sir Malcolm Havelock comes to the Evergreen Forest, and Bert is determined to come along his next expedition. Meanwhile, Cyril Sneer plans to fund the expedition, with treasure on his mind.
24'The Chips Are Down!'1988'Restless in the Night'
'The Sweet Smell of Success' (instrumental)

Before Cyril Sneer can sell his feeble potato chip plant to Mr. Knox, he desperately needs to increase his sales figures. So he and the pigs hold a phony contest for a new bike. Bert gets sucked into the contest and wastes all his money on it.

Note: This episode has an anti drugs message.
25'Life in the Fast Lane!'1988'Run With Us'
'Hold Back Tomorrow'
'Restless in the Night' (instrumental)
When local dirt bike champ Bix Wheelie comes to town, Bert is fascinated by his antics, while Cedric usually takes the blame for Bix's actions.
26'Monster Mania!'1988'Growing Up'
When Melissa and Bert spot a fire breathing monster in Evergreen Lake, tourists begin flocking to see it. Cyril Sneer, takes advantage of the opportunity and tries to sell overpriced monster merchandise.
27'Mom's the Word!'1988'Restless in the Night'
Mrs. Pig, the pigs' mother, comes to visit her sons, believing the pigs are millionaires due to their misleading letters, and so she asks them for some cash to help rebuild the old family home after its destruction by a hurricane.
28'Picture Perfect!'1988'Here I Go Again'
'The Sweet Smell of Success' (instrumental)
When Melissa manages to get some photos of Snag saving Cedric from a fire, she is offered a job for a major magazine. Word of Snag's heroics also gets out to a TV producer, and he gets a chance to become the star of a television show.
29'Strictly by the Book!'1988'Stop The Clock'

After Cedric is derided by his friends for not being assertive or confident enough, Cyril ships him off to a university, and he comes back a changed aardvark. Eventually, nobody can stand the 'new and improved' Cedric. It is up to Cyril and the Raccoons to change Cedric back to his old self.

Note: Last appearance of Sophia as a recurring character. She returns for a brief cameo in The Evergreen Express!, A Catered Affair! and The Headline Hunter!.[11]
30'The Evergreen Express!'1988'Run With Us'
'Sooner or Later' (instrumental)
'The Sweet Smell of Success' (instrumental)

Bert discovers a long-lost steam engine with coal tender and caboose hidden deep in the Evergreen Forest. Meanwhile, Cyril discovers that inside the train is a stash of ten million dollars from a hundred years ago.

Goof: Cedric discovers that the engine is the Evergreen No. 504 on the Evergreen Express being an old 4-4-0 engine or an American type steam locomotive after removing the rust from the number plate, but the cab number is already visually seen on the smoke box door and on the tender when they first found the engine, because locomotives of the most common 4-4-0 wheel arrangement were used most common on American railroads, during the 1800s and 1830s up until 1928, and were given the name American in 1872 to show how they did all the work of every railroad in America, because these types of engines have eight four wheels (four leading wheels, four driving wheels, and no trailing trails), and since some engines have tenders with four wheeled trucks to make up for eight wheels, the Evergreen 504 engine has four wheels on its tender.
31'Trouble Shooter!'1988'Come On Home'

Bentley Raccoon is going through personal crisis, and runs away from home to live in Bert and Cedric's fort. Meanwhile, the Sneer Mansion's new computerized security system goes haywire, and attempts to trap Cyril and the pigs inside the mansion while it floods with water.

Note: This is the first episode to feature George and Nicole Raccoon, parents of Bentley and Lisa.
32'The Paper Chase!'1988'When the Sun Comes Up'
When Ralph gets nominated by the civic election committee for his work on the standard, he turns into an egotistical jerk in an attempt to improve every aspect of the paper. Meanwhile, Cyril Sneer is nominated for the big buck award, but his winning is jeopardised when the bears go on strike.
33'Simon Says!'1988'Growing Up'
Simon Sneer, Cyril's supposed brother, shows up at Sneer Mansion expecting inheritance. However, Bert Raccoon sees him as an imposter, and will do anything to prove himself.
34'Games People Play!'1988'Hold Back Tomorrow'
Cyril Sneer goes on a game show and must recall voices of acquaintances from past episodes to win the prize. Things take a turn for the worse when the tax collector is mixed into the situation.

Season 4 (1989)[edit]

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35'Second Chance!'1989'Woodchuck Breakdown' (instrumental)

Cyril Sneer's childhood friend Woodchuck Berry shows up in the Evergreen forest. When Woodchuck is hired to play at Schaeffer's cafe, Cyril is given another chance to play with his friend onstage.

Note: The first of two episodes not to have a traditional music interlude with a song. Woodchuck Berry is based on music legend Chuck Berry.
36'The Sky's the Limit!'1989'All Life Long'
'The Sweet Smell of Success' (instrumental)
When Troy Malone comes to visit Melissa, Ralph tries to win back Melissa's affection by entering a flight contest.
37'Bully for You!'1989'Stop The Clock'
To get a contract signed, Cyril Sneer agrees to look after Mr. Knox's nephew. This results in Cedric becoming the nephew's new bullying target.
38'A Catered Affair!'1989'Here I Go Again'
Lady Baden-Baden decides to work at the Blue Spruce Cafe, much to Mr. Knox's dismay.
39'Search and Rescue!'1989'Come On Home'
Bert and Cedric go exploring on an island to find a fallen meteorite, but they don't tell anyone where they're going, and get stranded. Soon everyone else is desperately scouring the forest, and consulting Lady Baden-Baden's astrology, to find them.
40'Spring Fever!'1989'Teach Me'
'Sooner or Later' (instrumental)

Bert falls in love with Lisa, Bentley's older sister, when she comes to visit the Evergreen Forest. After much procrastination, he gets a date with her with unrealistic expectations for someone he just met. Meanwhile, Cyril Sneer must choose to attend a camp reunion with Cedric or meet up with a famous billionaire.

Note: First appearance of Lisa Raccoon.[12]
41'The Family Secret!'1989'New World'
When searching the family archives for one of Lady Baden-Baden's literary projects, Bert and Cedric find papers for the adoption of a Sneer and believe Cedric has been adopted.
42'The Great Escape!'1989'Can't Trust Myself'
When a famous magician shows up in the Evergreen forest, Bert is bent on becoming his apprentice. Meanwhile, Cyril Sneer tries to sell Knox his new $750,000 secure vault.
43'Making the Grade!'1989'Teach Me'
'Sooner or Later' (instrumental)
'The Sweet Smell of Success' (instrumental)
When Bentley comes for his annual visit to the forest, Bert and Cedric take him to see the old Evergreen Schoolhouse. There, they meet their old teacher, Ms. Primrose, and learn the school is too small for government regulation, and must be closed.
44'Science Friction!'1989'Growing Up'
'The Sweet Smell of Success' (instrumental)
Cyril goes out of control trying to be a good father for Cedric, when he builds an amateur flying machine to enter in the science fair. Meanwhile, Bert finds a tar pit with dinosaur bones in it.
45'Stealing the Show!'1989'Can't Trust Myself'
'Sooner or Later' (instrumental)
Lloyd (Pig Three) takes up shop lifting to impress his brothers' thing for comic books. Meanwhile, Cyril Sneer and Mr. Knox compete products in a contest in attempt to conquer the skateboard industry.
46'The Phantom of Sneer Mansion!'1989'Never Even Know What Time It Is'
As Cyril tries to put up a play in the old theater, it is being haunted by a supposed ghost. Bruno Gerussi makes a guest appearance.
47'The Headline Hunter!'1989'Never Give Up'
'Restless in the Night' (instrumental)
'The Sweet Smell of Success' (instrumental)
'Bananazz' (instrumental)

The pigs get sick of Cyril's treatment, and hire ace TV reporter Barbara LaFrum to ruin his reputation. Meanwhile, Bert and the gang recall past episodes as they prepare for the big Bachelor auction.

Note: Sophia Tutu makes a short return in this episode (albeit in a silent Cameo). Barbara LaFrum was voiced by Barbara Frum.[13]

Season 5 (1990–1991)[edit]

48'Cold Feet!'1990'Never Even Know What Time It Is'
Cyril Sneer attempts a relationship with a movie star whom he meets in a car accident, only to find that she has an extreme dislike for his recent business client. Meanwhile, Bert and Cedric must deal with the traumatizing experience of sky diving.
49'Stress Test!'1990'Run With Us'
'The Sweet Smell of Success' (instrumental)
When Cyril Sneer is taken to the hospital after getting an ulcer, it is up to the pigs to keep track of his big land deal. Meanwhile, Bert gets ripped off by Milton Midas by selling him a faulty toy plane, and attempts to retrieve a refund.
50'Moving In!'1990'All Life Long'

Ralph's older brother, George moves into the Evergreen Forest, along with his wife Nicole, and Lisa and Bentley. Lisa has trouble getting adjusted to living in the forest, away from all her friends. Meanwhile, the pigs are laid off, and get a job working at Mr. Knox's TV station.

Note: This is Nick Nichols' final episode as the voice of Pig One.
51'End of the Line!'1990'Growing Up'

Needing a new product to sell to Mammoth at an upcoming business conference, Cyril puts Cedric in charge of the project. In doing so, Cedric realizes that 'Sneer Snake oil', one of Cyril's existing products, can be used as Sunblock. Meanwhile, a train-load of garbage mysteriously arrives in the forest, prompting Ralph and Melissa to research its origin.

Note: First episode to feature Keith Hampshire as Pig One.
52'Easy Money!'1990'Restless in the Night'
'Sooner or Later' (instrumental)
'The Sweet Smell of Success' (instrumental)
When Bentley destroys Bert's new RC car, he turns to an advertising scam to repay the debt, resulting in him and the pigs getting trapped in the endless echo caverns. Now Bert, Lisa and Cedric must brave the tunnels of Evergreen Lake to set them free.
53'Endless Summer!'1990'Endless Summer' (instrumental)
'Sooner or Later' (instrumental)
'Restless in the Night' (instrumental)

When the pigs talk Bentley into taking a job at Cyril's new robotics company, he does too good of a job, and Cyril promotes him right off the bat. The pigs take offense at this, as they figure they deserve the raise for 'Bringing Bentley into the organization'. Thus, they screw up the computer system resulting in Bentley's dismissal. When Cyril sees the light, he must confront Bentley, who is now on a camping trip with Bert and Cedric.

Note: This is the second episode of the series not to feature a song, but an instrumental piece instead.
54'Promises Promises!'1990N/A

Bert bites off more than he can chew, trying to please everyone in preparation for the fair. The pigs' mother visits again, just in time to witness their little Jam making scheme.

Note: This is the only episode not to include a musical interlude. Final episode to feature Noam Zylberman as Bentley.
55'Black Belt Bentley!'1990'Growing Up'
'Restless in the Night' (instrumental)

After getting picked on by some of his school mates, Bentley desires to learn self defence. To his advantage, Schaeffer reveals he is a Black belt in Karate, and opts to teach him, Bert, and Cedric. But when Schaeffer realizes Bentley's prospects with martial arts, he refuses to teach Bentley due to a troubled past. Meanwhile, Cyril Sneer destroys one of his own companies in an attempt to conquer the soft drink industry.

Note: First episode to feature Stuart Stone as Bentley, who had earlier voiced Danny from 'Stress Test!' Also, this is the only episode animated at Bardel Entertainment in addition to being animated at Hinton.
56'The Wrong Stuff!'1991'When the Sun Comes Up'
As Cyril is about to launch his own satellite TV service, the notion excites Ralph and Schaeffer about the coverage of over forty sports channels, while the pigs attempt to transmit a message to their mother for Mothers Day. Elsewhere, to prove he is capable of handling his own dog, Bert allows Bentley to watch over Broo for the weekend. He fails though, when Broo gets trapped inside Cyril's satellite, thus leading to a time-sensitive chase to save him.
57'Join the Club!'1991'Can't Trust Myself'

Bowing to peer pressure, Lisa starts smoking; meanwhile, Cyril Sneer tries to join an exclusive golf club. In the end, the two discuss the merits of individuality.

Note: The only episode to include a 'Viewer Discretion is Advised' notice in the U.S. due to its depiction of smoking but retained the series 'C' rating in Canada.
58'The Evergreen Election!'1991'Here I Go Again'
'The Sweet Smell of Success' (instrumental)
Bert decides to run against Cyril Sneer for mayor of the Evergreen Forest. Scenes from previous episodes are used to aide their political views.
59'The One That Got Away!'1991'Ain't No Planes'

In the show's most touching but still funny episode, the pigs need cash, something they simply can't get from the boss. The answer? Moonlight for Milton Midas, dump some odd drums in the gorge, and all of your troubles are gone. That is, if the drums weren't to land in a river that empties into the forest's waterhole. But this is no ordinary waterhole. It is part of Cyril's new ad campaign, Bert and Cedric's fishing hole, as well as home to the largest cat fish in the Forest.

Note: This is the only episode with an unhappy ending, with the characters sadly acknowledging that the waterhole will remain contaminated for some generations to come.
60'Go for Gold!'March 19, 1991 (Canada)
August 28, 1992 (USA)
'Hold Back Tomorrow'
'Sooner or Later' (instrumental)

In the extended series finale, Cyril Sneer retires and Cedric takes over the family business. Robin Steel, a sleazy con artist, soon convinces him to organize a bogus race. Bert and Lisa soon join in the race to help out Cedric.

Note: Series Finale


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Episodes summaries summarized from info at The Un-Official Raccoons Homepage: Episode Guide Index

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