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Stick Shift

Stick Nodes is an app that allows you to easily create your own stickfigure-based animations! You're only limited by your own creativity, the possibilities of what you can create are endless. Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath pdf free download. Download all books for free without registration.The world's most famous books are uploaded daily. Nominally, Made to Stick is a book about ideas, but at its core it is a book about communication. The book is for all who want their ideas to be remembered and acted upon, so it will be especially valuable to KickStart Accelerator readers: sales people and marketers.

Lissa Matthews

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Stick Shift

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Chapter One

“So what are you doing next month?”

Lillian 'Lily' Jackson smiled at her friend's excited tone. Candi was up to something, but then, Candi was always up to something. She never slowed down for anything. “Nothing out of the ordinary, why?”

“What do you say you come up to my place in North Carolina? I know money's been tight, and you won't take a vacation because of it.”

Candi was right about that. Money was tight. For a self-employed woman in an average to below-average moneymaking field, money was as tight as it could be.

She loved her work, otherwise she'd have sought out higher-paying employment, but at least her three little jobs made her smile, kept a roof over her head, food in the pantry, and gas in the car. She didn't need much else, and she'd never really been a frivolous person. She wasn't cheap or even frugal, just simple. Simple was the way she liked things, and simple was the way she lived.

Candi was also right in that Lily hadn't been up to visit her friends in at least nine months, maybe more.

“If it will make it more enticing to you, I've got race tickets.”

Oh man. Candi was pulling out the big guns. Her friend knew the one thing Lily wouldn't be able to resist was a chance to go to the stock car races. She loved them, watched them every weekend, and whenever she could afford it, she made the trip from Tallahassee to Daytona for them. She'd not been to a race outside Daytona yet, so… “I'll be staying with you if I come up there?”

“Well, actually yes and no.”

“Yes and no? What aren't you telling me?” Lily looked out the kitchen window into her small backyard. Her herb garden was beautiful this time of year, so bright and green. Spring flowers were in full bloom, and the small pond she'd had installed after her tax refund in March sparkled in the sunshine. She loved her little house, this small haven she'd created for herself. It was quiet, peaceful, just like her.

Well, except when it came to stock car racing. Then she got loud. And rowdy.


“I'm not going to be here, Lil.”

“Where are you going to be if not at home?”


Lily could see the shocked on her face reflected in the window. “Italy? Why?”

“Remember I told you and Alli back at Thanksgiving that I wanted to take a cooking tour of Italy?”


“Well, I'm doing it.” She squealed. “I've taken the month off, cashed in part of my 401(k), and I'm going to Italy. Please say you'll come and stay at the house, Lil. I know I can have Alli come over and make sure everything is okay, but since I know you won't take a vacation and get away otherwise… Please? You and Alli can go to the races, I'll know my house is safe, and you'll get some time away to relax.”

“You've really thought this out, haven't you?”

“I have. I've been planning this for months. I leave in five days. What do you say?”

As if she could deny Candi anything.

They, along with Alli, had been friends since grade school. They lived such different lives, but that hadn't changed them or their friendship. They would do anything for her, and she would do anything for them. Besides, what could it hurt going to stay at Candi's house, using her race tickets and hanging out with Alli?

“Okay. I'm in. I'll be there in a couple of days.”

* * *


“Oh my God! He's signing autographs today!”

Lily turned and was nearly run over by Alli, who was on her way to the front of the gift shop. “Who?”

“Cam Carter,” Alli gushed, grabbing Lily's hand and pulling her toward the gathering crowd. “C'mon. If we hurry, we can get in at the end of the line.”

Lily froze. She'd never been one for celebrity crushes, but she had one on the twenty-five-year-old race car driver. She was certain to make a complete fool of herself if she went anywhere near him, though she was dying to get up close and personal to look into those serious eyes. “You go on. I'll wait out in the car for you.”

“The hell you will! You're coming with me. I dragged you out of bed to give you the grand tour of race shops, and believe me, this is way better than anything I had planned.”

“Seriously, Alli? I've seen the race shops dozens of times, so you didn't have to drag me out of bed.”

“Seriously, Lily. If not for yourself, then for me. Please? You need to come with me and make sure I don't end up making a complete ass out of myself by jumping across the table at him or something.” Alli continued talking a mile a minute, and pulling her toward the line on the far side of the lobby, which was lined from one end to the other with glass trophy cases on one side and floor-to-ceiling windows on the other. They had to do some fancy maneuvering around the two race cars on display but finally found their way to the tail end of the line. “Besides, you know you want to meet him too. And Candi will be so jealous when she finds out.”

Alli had a point. Candi was big Cam Carter fan and would be green with envy when she found out she hadn't gotten to meet him and they had. At the same time, she might get over it more quickly, given that she was in Italy tasting fabulous food and wine while they were stuck stateside.

“He's just a guy, Alli. And you don't even like him all that much. I've been here since mid-April, and you've heckled him during every race we've watched.”

“Oh please, Lil. I do like him. I just…you know, play devil's advocate when he's on the track. He's an in-your-face and up-your-ass, 'get the hell out of my way'

driver. Besides, I don't really have a favorite. I like 'em all. Especially the single ones.”

She had a point. “That's true. There's never been a man you haven't liked. But he's still just a guy. Yeah, sure, he drives a race car…” Lily shrugged. “What's the big deal?”

As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Lily looked away from Alli. She knew exactly what the big deal was about Cam Carter. Currently the hottest race-car driver on the circuit, Cam was young, aggressive, and winning. A lot. The fans loved to hate him, and from the crowd gathered in the lobby of the race shop, they loved to love him too. He had it all: fame, fortune, boy-next-door good looks, smarts that rivaled men's twice his age, and the kind of cocky confidence that most women loved. Including her.

Damn, what a package.

“Just a man? Just a driver? You're telling me that if he offered himself to you on a silver platter, you'd look at him and think of him as 'just a guy'? The heckling is all in good fun, and you know I don't mean anything by it. And he's just so yummy, Lil.”

“Yeah, sure, yummy in a robbing-the-cradle kinda way.”

“He's not that young,” Alli said, slanting Lily a sideways glance.

“He's twenty-five. You're thirty-two.”

“That's not a bad age difference. Just because you only date men our age, when you decide to date, that is, doesn't mean the rest of us have limited ourselves.”

“Oh shut up and get over there before you miss your chance.”

Alli grinned. “Right. Come on.”

Lily sighed. Watching Cam as he smiled and laughed and chatted with the people gathered around, she smiled to herself. The truth was, she found him 5

incredibly cute, and his charisma was just plain hard to resist. She was a fan, a huge fan, but would only dare admit it to herself, unless she was at a race, and then she kept it purely race related, grinning at the gibes thrown out at him from those around her. How would it look for a woman her age to be openly lusting after a man so much younger? It wasn't Alli she needed to be worried about. It was herself.

Made To Stick Pdf Free Download Windows 10

Looking at him did funny things to her, and she wouldn't even think about the fantasies he'd inspired. Her insides were having a freakin' parade. She'd never met any celebrity before, and though most people outside the racing community didn't know his name, race fans—hundreds of thousands of race fans—knew exactly who he was.

Made to stick pdf free download

Before she knew it, she and Alli were up next, and Lily's heart kicked up speed. Damn, but the man had great eyes, and his smile… Her belly flipped, then flopped to be so near to that smile.

Do you ever have the impression that no one takes your ideas seriously? Why is it so difficult to get our great ideas across while urban legends and conspiracy theories circulate so effortlessly?

It turns out these ideas and stories — the ones that spread like wildfire — all share some identical common principles. That means we can learn and apply these principles to make our own ideas more appealing and successful.

In this posting, Litemind reader Johan Dhaeseleer shares with us a mind map summary of the 2007 bestseller Made to Stick. The book presents the common traits of successful ideas, turning them into a simple formula we can use to make our own ideas stick.

From Great Ideas to Sticky Ideas

What’s the story with ‘sticky ideas’? According to the authors, Chip and Dan Heath, it means that “your ideas are understood and remembered, and have a lasting impact — they change your audience’s opinions or behavior”.

If you want people to do something — to actually use — your ideas, it doesn’t matter how great those ideas are: if you can’t get them across effectively, nobody will care about them. As obvious as it is, this is an error creative people make all the time: we care too much about developing our ideas and too little about communicating them effectively.

A Checklist for Successful Ideas

By analyzing numerous case studies, Chip and Dan show us the underlying principles that lead to ‘sticky’ ideas, noting that the more these principles are expressed in an idea, the more likely it is to become successful.

The formula is conveniently summarized by the acronym SUCCES, meaning:

  • Simple: What’s the essential core of the idea?
  • Unexpected: Does the idea grab people’s attention?
  • Concrete: Is the idea clear? Isn’t it abstract?
  • Credible: Will people believe the idea?
  • Emotion: Will people care about the idea?
  • Story: Does the idea inspire people? Will they act on it?

A Quick Example

To understand how the formula works, let’s take a look at one of the case studies in the book: You do know Jared, the 425-pound fast-food dieter, don’t you?

If you live in the US you certainly know about him. For those who don’t, Jared is the central character in one of the most successful ad campaigns of the decade, created for fast-food chain Subway. The ad campaign is about how Jared shed almost 100 pounds (45 kg) in just 3 months by eating mostly at Subway. (You can check the original ad here).

So, how did the ‘Jared’ ad campaign become so immensely successful? Here’s how it fits in Made to Stick‘s SUCCES formula:

  • Simple: Eat sandwiches and lose weight.
  • Unexpected: A guy lost a lot of weight by eating fast food!
  • Concrete: He shows his oversized pants, mentions specific sandwiches.
  • Credible: We can see how a guy who used to wear 60-inch pants and XXXXXXL shirts is now slender.
  • Emotional: We care more about an individual — Jared — than about a faceless person in a crowd.
  • Story: The protagonist overcomes big odds to triumph. He inspires the rest of us to do the same.

If you think about this formula, you’ll see that you can use it to make just about any idea more appealing.

Book Summary

Find below the summary of Made to Stick in mind map format.

The mind map is courtesy of Litemind reader Johan DHaeseleer, and is Johan’s second contribution to our growing gallery. (Make sure you check his previous mind map on Brain Rules — another truly amazing book.)

Made To Stick PDF Free Download

Get the mind map for Made to Stick:

  • Download in MindManager format
    (756 kb, requires MindManager).
  • Download in XMind format
    (758 kb, requires free XMind).

A Short Digression on Mind Map Formats: Introducing XMind

A while ago, another amazing Litemind reader, Bruno Unna (round of applause, please), recommended the XMind mind mapping application. After playing with it for a while, I was impressed.

XMind is free, open-source, multi-platform, portable and much easier to use than Freemind (not to mention that the resulting mind maps are much more elegant!)

Although my primary mind mapping application of choice continues to be MindManager, XMind now comes as a close second.

I always like to offer open, platform-independent mind maps to readers — that’s why I’ve been including mind maps in Freemind format. If I don’t find any showstoppers, I’ll share them using XMind from now on.


Made to stick book pdf free download

What I enjoy the most about Made to Stick is that Chip and Dan practice what they preach: the book is packed with great stories and examples, so it’s not only very informative but a great and fun read.

That’s probably why it became a successful, ‘sticky’ hit, and has been on many “must read” book lists (like in Jack Covert’s compilation 100 most influential books of all time and many others).

Made To Stick Book Pdf Free Download

If you’re interested in Made to Stick, you can get more information in the official website or buy it directly from

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