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  • Author : Ronald M. Shapiro
  • Release Date : 29 November 2013
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Categories : Business & Economics
  • Pages : 272 pages
  • ISBN 13 : 9780698137134
  • ISBN 10 : 0698137132
  • Format : PDF, ePUB, KF8, PDB, MOBI, AZW

Synopsis : Perfecting Your Pitch written by Ronald M. Shapiro, published by Penguin which was released on 29 November 2013. Download Perfecting Your Pitch Books now! Available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format.Whether you’re asking for a raise, selling but holding your price, ending a relationship, or talking to children about divorce, success is predicated on planned, effective communication. Yet, most people fail to properly prepare their message. A veteran corporate attorney, sports agent, and expert consultant, Ronald M. Shapiro has spent years developing and honing his negotiation techniques. Now, Shapiro shares the bulletproof system of scripting he calls the Three D’s: Draft, Devil’s Advocate, Deliver. Illustrating his methods with fascinating real-life stories and helpful scripts, he walks readers through the process of creating an effective message, preparing for counterarguments, and delivering the results with confidence and grace. Applicable across a broad range of situations, Perfecting Your Pitch empowers us to get the results we want.

People are always asking me how to pitch their ideas for animated TV shows.

Although it’s not 100% necessary depending on your reputation as a content creator, for those starting out it is absolutely vital to have a GREAT animation pitch bible.

So I have compiled the best content from all across the web and posted and/or linked to it here.

Here you’ll find the best advice on animation pitch bibles that I’ve ever heard as well as an awesome sample animation pitch bible available as a free download!

Basically, this is the animation pitch bible motherload.

Download A Sample Pitch Bible:

Animation pitch bibles are visual. …or at least, in my opinion, they should be.

So it only makes sense that I should offer some sort of sample Pitch Bible for you to look at.

My friend Andrew “Doc” Chandler has made his pitch bible for The Red Mullet available as a FREE download for your educational pleasure: Click Here To DOWNLOAD ‘The Red Mullet’ Sample Pitch Bible.

This is the actual Animation Pitch Bible that Doc and his team send out to studios in hopes that they can sell the show. You can see more of Doc’s work on his website. Thanks, Doc, for helping us out!

How To Create An Animation Pitch Bible (From CTN-X 2010):

Heather Kenyon’s presentation How To Create An Animation Pitch Bible is great in many ways: It’s concise (only about 40 minutes long), it’s informed (she’s an experienced, credible source) and it’s current.

Click Here To Watch Heather Kenyon’s Presentation.

From the CTN-X Page:

Heather Kenyon is the Vice President of Project Development and Sales for Starz Animation, a Division of Starz Media. She is the former senior director of development, original series at Cartoon Network, where she focused on the development of animated comedy, comedy adventure, action adventure and live-action series for children 6-11 years old. Prior to joining Cartoon Network, she was editor-in-chief of Animation World Network , a leading Internet publisher of animation news, information and resources, and was responsible for managing the site’s editorial and writing efforts. Filmed at the CTN animation eXpo 2010.


Thanks to the forward-thinking leadership at The Creative Talent Network, they have made many of the CTN-X presentations freely available on their VIMEO Channel.

Pitch Bible Wisdom From Paper Wings:

Many of you are familiar with Paper Wings – a community of visual storytellers focused on making comics or, more specifically, creator-owned comics. But when we first started out we covered animation, children’s books and comics. In the second episode of The Paper Wings Podcast, we shared our top 5 tips for developing an animation pitch that sells itself. Download the episode, listen and learn how to elevate the content of your pitch bible to a level where it simply sells itself. Topics Covered In The Episode:

  • What does it take to make a successful animation pitch?
  • What is a pitch bible, and what should it include?
  • What should you really be thinking about when pitching an animated series?
  • Insider tips on how to successfully navigate the process creating a winning animation pitch.

Recommended Reading To Extend Your Learning:

Pitch Like A Girl Pdf Free Download Free

Check out these great books about Animation Pitch Development! Your Career In Animation by David Levy: This book covers all aspects of a career in animation. Not only does it share many stories about how current TV cartoons got made, it guides you through the process of developing your own Animation Pitch. (Affiliate Link) Animation Development: From Pitch to Production by David B. Levy: This book picks up where ‘Your Career In Animation’ left off. It provides an in-depth look at the entire process of developing your own Animation Pitch. (Affiliate Link)

Do YOU Have An Idea For An Animated Series?

Pitch Like A Girl Pdf free. download full

Check Out My Tutorials For How To Create An Animation Pitch!

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