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The Digital Transformation Playbook

  • Many books offer advice for digital start-ups, but The Digital Transformation Playbook is the first complete treatment of how legacy businesses can transform to thrive in the digital age. It is an indispensable guide for executives looking to take their firms to the next stage of profitable growth.
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STRATEGY, NOT TECHNOLOGY, DRIVES DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. MIT SLOAN MANAGEMENT REVIEW 3 Strategy, not Technology, Drives Digital Transformation MExecutive Summary IT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte’s 1 2015 global study of digital business found that maturing digital businesses are focused on integrating. Here are five customer-centric disciplines we have seen successful companies use to evolve and thrive through digital transformation. These are so critical to success in this new all-digital era that they are the foundation for how our Salesforce Customer Success teams help customers maximize the value they can realize across all Salesforce products. What makes social entrepreneurs different is that they think with “and” to achieve unorthodox solutions. Using a little creativity, anyone can retrain their brain to challenge false assumptions, rethink the way they approach challenges, and look differently at strategic planning, budgeting, hiring, product development, marketing, and even personal choices. Brimming with thought-provoking.

Author :David L. Rogers
ISBN :9780231541657
Genre :Business & Economics
File Size : 35.75 MB
Format :PDF, Mobi
Download :159
Read :781

Rethink your business for the digital age. Every business begun before the Internet now faces the same challenge: How to transform to compete in a digital economy? Globally recognized digital expert David L. Rogers argues that digital transformation is not about updating your technology but about upgrading your strategic thinking. Based on Rogers's decade of research and teaching at Columbia Business School, and his consulting for businesses around the world, The Digital Transformation Playbook shows how pre-digital-era companies can reinvigorate their game plans and capture the new opportunities of the digital world. Rogers shows why traditional businesses need to rethink their underlying assumptions in five domains of strategy—customers, competition, data, innovation, and value. He reveals how to harness customer networks, platforms, big data, rapid experimentation, and disruptive business models—and how to integrate these into your existing business and organization. Rogers illustrates every strategy in this playbook with real-world case studies, from Google to GE, from Airbnb to the New York Times. With practical frameworks and nine step-by-step planning tools, he distills the lessons of today's greatest digital innovators and makes them usable for businesses at any stage. Many books offer advice for digital start-ups, but The Digital Transformation Playbook is the first complete treatment of how legacy businesses can transform to thrive in the digital age. It is an indispensable guide for executives looking to take their firms to the next stage of profitable growth.

A Modern Playbook Of Digital Transformation

Author :Amitabh P. Mishra
ISBN :9789353285760
Genre :Business & Economics
File Size : 46.99 MB
Format :PDF, Kindle
Download :745
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In order for successful business transformation to occur, there’s an inner transformation that must happen. The innumerable professional forces that tug pell-mell from every imaginable quarter, need to be organized and personal demons exorcized or at least managed. This book takes you through the transformative journey of Dillon, the presumptive head of Digital in one of the world’s largest footwear manufacturers, his private and professional struggle and victory. This modern parable answers the quintessential question: What makes a leader great? Read the step-by-step digital transformation execution plan, complete with tools, artefacts, lessons, pitfalls to avoid and best practices from the industry. If you’ve ever wished for a book that didn’t shy away from delving into the ‘how’ of the execution journey, and while doing so took you on an enjoyable roller coaster ride, look no further. Grab this!

The Design Thinking Playbook

Author :Michael Lewrick
ISBN :9781119467472
Genre :Design
File Size : 67.5 MB
Format :PDF, Kindle
Download :319
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A radical shift in perspective to transform your organization to become more innovative The Design Thinking Playbook is an actionable guide to the future of business. By stepping back and questioning the current mindset, the faults of the status quo stand out in stark relief—and this guide gives you the tools and frameworks you need to kick off a digital transformation. Design Thinking is about approaching things differently with a strong user orientation and fast iterations with multidisciplinary teams to solve wicked problems. It is equally applicable to (re-)design products, services, processes, business models, and ecosystems. It inspires radical innovation as a matter of course, and ignites capabilities beyond mere potential. Unmatched as a source of competitive advantage, Design Thinking is the driving force behind those who will lead industries through transformations and evolutions. This book describes how Design Thinking is applied across a variety of industries, enriched with other proven approaches as well as the necessary tools, and the knowledge to use them effectively. Packed with solutions for common challenges including digital transformation, this practical, highly visual discussion shows you how Design Thinking fits into agile methods within management, innovation, and startups. Explore the digitized future using new design criteria to create real value for the user Foster radical innovation through an inspiring framework for action Gather the right people to build highly-motivated teams Apply Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Big Data Analytics, and Lean Start-up using new tools and a fresh new perspective Create Minimum Viable Ecosystems (MVEs) for digital processes and services which becomes for example essential in building Blockchain applications Practical frameworks, real-world solutions, and radical innovation wrapped in a whole new outlook give you the power to mindfully lead to new heights. From systems and operations to people, projects, culture, digitalization, and beyond, this invaluable mind shift paves the way for organizations—and individuals—to do great things. When you’re ready to give your organization a big step forward, The Design Thinking Playbook is your practical guide to a more innovative future.

Industrial Digital Transformation

Author :Shyam Varan Nath
ISBN :9781800201965
Genre :Computers
File Size : 56.88 MB
Format :PDF
Download :637
Read :683

Delve into industrial digital transformation and learn how to implement modern business strategies powered by digital technologies as well as organization and cultural optimization Key Features Identify potential industry disruptors from various business domains and emerging technologies Leverage existing resources to identify new avenues for generating digital revenue Boost digital transformation with cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) Book Description Digital transformation requires the ability to identify opportunities across industries and apply the right technologies and tools to achieve results. This book is divided into two parts with the first covering what digital transformation is and why it is important. The second part focuses on how digital transformation works. After an introduction to digital transformation, you will explore the transformation journey in logical steps and understand how to build business cases and create productivity benefit statements. Next, you'll delve into advanced topics relating to overcoming various challenges. Later, the book will take you through case studies in both private and public sector organizations. You'll explore private sector organizations such as industrial and hi-tech manufacturing in detail and get to grips with public sector organizations by learning how transformation can be achieved on a global scale and how the resident experience can be improved. In addition to this, you will understand the role of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning in digital transformation. Finally, you'll discover how to create a playbook that can ensure success in digital transformation. By the end of this book, you'll be well-versed with industrial digital transformation and be able to apply your skills in the real world. What you will learn Get up to speed with digital transformation and its important aspects Explore the skills that are needed to execute the transformation Focus on the concepts of Digital Thread and Digital Twin Understand how to leverage the ecosystem for successful transformation Get to grips with various case studies spanning industries in both private and public sectors Discover how to execute transformation at a global scale Find out how AI delivers value in the transformation journey Who this book is for This book is for IT leaders, digital strategy leaders, line-of-business leaders, solution architects, and IT business partners looking for digital transformation opportunities within their organizations. Professionals from service and management consulting firms will also find this book useful. Basic knowledge of enterprise IT and some intermediate knowledge of identifying digital revenue streams or internal transformation opportunities are required to get started with this book.

Digital @ Scale

Author :Anand Swaminathan
ISBN :9781119433743
Genre :Business & Economics
File Size : 27.89 MB
Format :PDF
Download :942
Read :263

A blueprint for reinventing the core of your business Value in the next phase of the digital era will go to those companies that don't just try digital but also scale it. [email protected] examines what it takes for companies to break through the gravitational pull of their legacy organizations and capture the full value of digital. Digging into more than fifty detailed case studies and years of McKinsey experience and data, the authors, along with a group of expert contributors, show how companies can move beyond incremental change to transform the business where the greatest value is generated—at its core. The authors provide practical insights into the three pillars of digital transformations that successfully scale: reinventing the business model, building out a business architecture from the customer back into the organization, and establishing an 'amoeba' IT and organizational foundation that learns and evolves. This is the ideal guide for all leaders who recognize the power and promise of a digital transformation.

The Hero Transformation Playbook

Author :PDFArif Harbott
ISBN :9781788602044
Genre :Business & Economics
File Size : 37.61 MB
Format :PDF, ePub
Download :972
Read :1006

Most transformations and large-scale change programs fail, but in a rapidly changing world change is becoming more and more critical for survival. The HERO Transformation Playbook is your step-by-step playbook of EXACTLY how to deliver successful transformations and large-scale change programs with the best chance of success using the HERO Transformation Framework: a clear method to help you design transformation for maximum enterprise value creation and then deliver the outcome in a repeatable fashion. We built our framework through trial and error, learning from our mistakes and successes and solving common issues we came across and pitfalls that we have seen time and again. We then spent many years honing the framework, removing the fluff, distilling the concepts until it contained everything you need to succeed in the challenging world of change. In this book we teach you everything we’ve learned – including all of the roles, processes, meetings, governance, and templates for you to follow and apply to your transformation today - so that you can crack the code of change and lead successful transformations on your own. The more successful transformations that are delivered, the better the world will be for everyone!

Digital Transformation And Challenges To Data Security And Privacy

Author :Anunciação, Pedro Fernandes
ISBN :9781799842026
Genre :Computers
File Size : 41.38 MB
Format :PDF, Kindle
Download :354
Read :428

Heavily dominated by the sector of information and communication technologies, economic organizations pursue digital transformation as a differentiating factor and source of competitive advantage. Understanding the challenges of digital transformation is critical to managers to ensure business sustainability. However, there are some problems, such as architecture, security, and reliability, among others, that bring with them the need for studies and investments in this area to avoid significant financial losses. Digital transformation encompasses and challenges many areas, such as business models, organizational structures, human privacy, management, and more, creating a need to investigate the challenges associated with it to create a roadmap for this new digital transformation era. Digital Transformation and Challenges to Data Security and Privacy presents the main challenges of digital transformation and the threats it poses to information security and privacy, as well as models that can contribute to solving these challenges in economic organizations. While highlighting topics such as information systems, digital trends, and information governance, this book is ideally intended for managers, data analysts, cybersecurity professionals, IT specialists, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students working in fields that include digital transformation, information management, information security, information system reliability, business continuity, and data protection.

Architecting The Digital Transformation

Author :Alfred Zimmermann
ISBN :9783030496401
Genre :Technology & Engineering
File Size : 26.19 MB
Format :PDF
Download :892
Read :186

This research-oriented book presents key contributions on architecting the digital transformation. It includes the following main sections covering 20 chapters: · Digital Transformation · Digital Business · Digital Architecture · Decision Support · Digital Applications Focusing on digital architectures for smart digital products and services, it is a valuable resource for researchers, doctoral students, postgraduates, graduates, undergraduates, academics and practitioners interested in digital transformation.

Hero Transformation Playbook

Author :Arif / Cuan Harbott
ISBN :178860203X
Genre :
File Size : 73.20 MB
Format :PDF
Download :484
Read :934

Most transformations and large-scale change programs fail, but in a rapidly changing world change is becoming more and more critical for survival. The Transformation Playbook is your step-by-step playbook of EXACTLY how to deliver successful transformations and large-scale change programs with the best chance of success using the HERO Transformation Framework: a clear method to help you design transformation for maximum enterprise value creation and then deliver the outcome in a repeatable fashion. We built our framework through trial and error, learning from our mistakes and successes and solving common issues we came across and pitfalls that we have seen time and again. We then spent many years honing the framework, removing the fluff, distilling the concepts until it contained everything you need to succeed in the challenging world of change. In this book we teach you everything we've learned - including all of the roles, processes, meetings, governance, and templates for you to follow and apply to your transformation today - so that you can crack the code of change and lead successful transformations on your own. The more successful transformations that are delivered, the better the world will be for everyone!

Purposeful Digital Transformation

Author :Suresh Gopalakrishnan
ISBN :1735364509
Genre :
File Size : 85.12 MB
Format :PDF, ePub, Docs
Download :867
Read :220

Over the last few decades, advances in technology have ushered us into a digital age with radically different consumer expectations. The business world introduced the idea of 'digital transformation' to address the needs of this new generation of customer, but, thanks to runaway marketing machines and trend-hopping experts, the concept has become a dangerous buzz-phrase. If you get swept up by the hype, you will lose time, money, and relevance in the eyes of your customers.In this digital age, it is not new technologies that will force your business to change but rather the consumers. Technologies are merely the enablers that will either help you deliver value to those customers or allow your competitors to sweep them away. This book takes you back to the basics to help you figure out:- Why you have to change?- What you have to change?- Where should you make changes?- When to schedule your changes?- Who can help drive the changes?- How to drive the changes?The approach detailed in this book will equip you with the skills to frame your situation and lead the change. You will be able to see past the hype, understand the impact of digital trends, map your digital journey, and drive a purposeful digital transformation.

Research Anthology On Digital Transformation Organizational Change And The Impact Of Remote Work

Author :Management Association, Information Resources
ISBN :9781799872986
Genre :Business & Economics
File Size : 80.89 MB
Format :PDF, ePub, Docs
Download :281
Read :162

As the use of remote work has recently skyrocketed, digital transformation within the workplace has gone under a microscope, and it has become abundantly clear that the incorporation of new technologies in the workplace is the future of business. These technologies keep businesses up to date with their capabilities to perform remote work and make processes more efficient and effective than ever before. In understanding digital transformation in the workplace there needs to be advanced research on technology, organizational change, and the impacts of remote work on the business, the employees, and day-to-day work practices. This advancement to a digital work culture and remote work is rapidly undergoing major advancements, and research is needed to keep up with both the positives and negatives to this transformation. The Research Anthology on Digital Transformation, Organizational Change, and the Impact of Remote Work contains hand-selected, previously published research that explores the impacts of remote work on business workplaces while also focusing on digital transformation for improving the efficiency of work. While highlighting work technologies, digital practices, business management, organizational change, and the effects of remote work on employees, this book is an all-encompassing research work intended for managers, business owners, IT specialists, executives, practitioners, stakeholders, researchers, academicians, and students interested in how digital transformation and remote work is affecting workplaces.

Transfer Pricing And Value Creation

Author :Raffaele Petruzzi
ISBN :9783709410387
Genre :Law
File Size : 27.69 MB
Format :PDF, Kindle
Download :291
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Value Creation and its effects on Transfer Pricing and tax law Emerging from the OECD/G20 BEPS Project, a new, somewhat fuzzy notion of Value Creation came to permeate not only Transfer Pricing language but also wider allocation rules and anti-abuse provisions in international tax law. The notion of ‘Value Creation’ reframes the interpretation and application of the Arm’s Length Principle (ALP) that is embedded in Articles 7 and 9 of the OECD Model Convention. This new Value Creation notion and approach assist in understanding key enterprise functions while different industry sectors manifest these concepts in various ways. Situating such notions and this approach within the law of tax treaties and analyzing terms of the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines alongside their factual context is the aim of this book. Here, law students address Transfer Pricing and Value Creation in sectors as varied as commodities trade, automotive, consumer products, food and beverages, pharmaceutical and life sciences, telecommunications, and the key topic of value creation in a digitalized economy. Our LL.M. students were required to address issues not explored in legal research and to discuss factual topics relevant for Transfer Pricing. All students focused on topics that are new to the international tax debate that keep evolving and on factual matters that often escape legal research.

Managing Digital Transformation

Author :Andreas Hinterhuber
ISBN :9781000387841
Genre :Business & Economics
The Digital Transformation Playbook PDF Free DownloadFile Size : 31.23 MB
Format :PDF, ePub
Download :395
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This book provides practising executives and academics with the theories and best practices to plan and implement the digital transformation successfully. Key benefits: an overview on how leading companies plan and implement digital transformation interviews with chief executive officers and chief digital officers of leading companies – Bulgari, Deutsche Bahn, Henkel, Lanxess, L’Oréal, Unilever, Thales and others – explore lessons learnt and roadmaps to successful implementation research and case studies on the digitalization of small and medium-sized companies cutting-edge academic research on business models, organizational capabilities and performance implications of the digital transformation tools and insights into how to overcome internal resistance, build digital capabilities, align the organization, develop the ecosystem and create customer value to implement digital strategies that increase profits Managing Digital Transformation is unique in its approach, combining rigorous academic theory with practical insights and contributions from companies that are, according to leading academic thinkers, at the forefront of global best practice in the digital transformation. It is a recommended reading both for practitioners looking to implement digital strategies within their own organisations, as well as for academics and postgraduate students studying digital transformation, strategy and marketing.

Changing The Game

Author :Michael Vullings
ISBN :9780730389132
Genre :Business & Economics Playbook
File Size : 79.71 MB
Format :PDF, Kindle
Download :559
Read :1224

The Complete and Comprehensive Guide to Business Transformation As digital technologies and consumer expectations continue to disrupt almost every industry sector, companies are placing greater emphasis on developing and implementing transformation programs. Changing the Game offers the practical knowledge required to create a dramatic step-change in company performance. Designed for executives and managers responsible for a transformation in any type of company and situation, this comprehensive real-world playbook covers the change process from start to finish — from assessing the situation and determining strategic priorities, to developing a roadmap, establishing the governance structure, managing initiative delivery, and evaluating the impact of the transformation. Adopting a robust and pragmatic approach to every stage of business transformation, this authoritative volume explains where to start, identifies key areas of focus, and describes the strategies, decisions, and actions necessary for achieving results. Throughout the text, case studies of leading organizations highlight essential tools and approaches, examine key challenges, and evaluate their impact. A wealth of practical tools help readers build a foundation for change in their organization, define a clear path forward, mobilize teams, assign responsibilities, execute initiatives, track progress, sustain momentum, and more. Provides detailed guidance on envisioning, designing, managing, and delivering a successful company, function or team transformation Enables readers to create a dramatic change in company performance with a results-focused approach based on leading management practices Contains more than 20 in-depth sections representing the entire transformation journey Includes numerous ready-to-use tools and templates, including 50 exhibits, that can be adopted in any organization to accelerate results Features tips and advice from top-level executives at leading companies and government organizations Changing the Game: The Playbook for Leading Business Transformation is an invaluable step-by-step blueprint for executives, managers, teams, and consultants involved in devising and executing transformation programs.

Digital Transformation Of The Supply Chain A Practical Guide For Executives

Author :Sameer Shukkla
ISBN :9789811229619
Genre :Business & Economics
File Size : 68.7 MB
Format :

Us Digital Services Playbook Pdf

PDF, Docs
Download :904
Read :330

This book unravels the complexities of supply chain process transformation by explaining step-by-step, in simple terms, the requirements for success from the basics to the implementation of this complicated task. The book provides insights into how to lead the transformation project and how to manage the change internally and externally. The authors' hands-on experience in the field via applied research is clearly illustrated in the case studies, which provide the reader with practical examples of the challenges and benefits of implementing a digital supply chain transformation project. This is a must-have book for all supply chain and operations professionals.

Management And Information Technology After Digital Transformation

Author :Peter Ekman
ISBN :9781000451665
Genre :Business & Economics
File Size : 78.17 MB
Format :PDF
Download :471
Read :467

With the widespread transformation of information into digital form throughout society – firms and organizations are embracing this development to adopt multiple types of IT to increase internal efficiency and to achieve external visibility and effectiveness – we have now reached a position where there is data in abundance and the challenge is to manage and make use of it fully. This book addresses this new managerial situation, the post-digitalization era, and offers novel perspectives on managing the digital landscape. The topics span how the post-digitalization era has the potential to renew organizations, markets, and society. The chapters of the book are structured in three topical sections but can also be read individually. The chapters are structured to offer insights into the developments that take place at the intersection of the management, information systems and computer science disciplines. It features more than 60 researchers and managers as collaborating authors in 23 thought-provoking chapters. Written for scholars, researchers, students and managers from the management, information systems and computer science disciplines, the book presents a comprehensive and thought-provoking contribution on the challenges of managing organizations and engaging in global markets when tools, systems and data are abundant.

Disruptive Innovation Through Digital Transformation

Author :Xue Han
ISBN :9789811539442
Genre :Medical
File Size : 30.55 MB
Format :PDF
Download :190
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Digital Transformation Playbook Pdf Free Download

The book addresses the prevalent digital transformation and focuses on its significant disruption in healthcare. In light of the distinctive characteristics and evolution of the Chinese healthcare industry, private multi-sided platform (MSP) companies emerge to offer novel values and explore the industry value chain. Drawing on the management and economics literature of MSPs, this book examines the selected Chinese MSPs and compares them with the counterpart MSPs in the U.S. This analysis highlights how the unfolding healthcare disruption is valuable for both scholars and practitioners to understand the trends and to take effective actions. “Disruptive Innovation through Digital Transformation: Multi-Sided Platforms of E-Health in China” provides readers in the developing and developed countries with insights on how to approach the current multi-sided platform and to resolve the current problems to better serve customers and patients in the healthcare market.

Healthcare Digital Transformation

Author :Edward W. Marx
ISBN :9781000097757
Genre :Business & Economics
File Size : 84.53 MB
Format :PDF, Mobi
Download :360

The Digital Transformation Playbook Pdf Free Download Books

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This book is a reference guide for healthcare executives and technology providers involved in the ongoing digital transformation of the healthcare sector. The book focuses specifically on the challenges and opportunities for health systems in their journey toward a digital future. It draws from proprietary research and public information, along with interviews with over one hundred and fifty executives in leading health systems such as Cleveland Clinic, Partners, Mayo, Kaiser, and Intermountain as well as numerous technology and retail providers. The authors explore the important role of technology and that of EHR systems, digital health innovators, and big tech firms in the ongoing digital transformation of healthcare. Importantly, the book draws on the accelerated learnings of the healthcare sector during the COVID-19 pandemic in their digital transformation efforts to adopt telehealth and virtual care models. Features of this book: Provides an understanding of the current state of digital transformation and the factors influencing the ongoing transformation of the healthcare sector. Includes interviews with executives from leading health systems. Describes the important role of emerging technologies; EHR systems, digital health innovators, and more. Includes case studies from innovative health organizations. Provides a set of templates and frameworks for developing and implementing a digital roadmap. Based on best practices from real-life examples, the book is a guidebook that provides a set of templates and frameworks for digital transformation practitioners in healthcare.

Innovative And Agile Contracting For Digital Transformation And Industry 4 0

Author :Shalan, Mohammad Ali
ISBN :9781799845027
Genre :Business & Economics
File Size : 61.95 MB
Format :PDF, Docs
Download :687
Read :Playbook1008

Digital transformation is reshaping the business arena as new, successful digital business models are increasing agility and presenting better ways to handle business than the traditional alternatives. Industry 4.0 affects everything in our daily lives and is blurring the line between the physical, the biological, and the digital. This created an environment where technology and humans are so closely integrated that it is impacting every activity within the organizations. Specifically, contracting processes and procedures are challenged to align with the new business dynamics as traditional contracts are no longer fitting today's agile and continuously changing environments. Businesses are required to facilitate faster, more secure, soft, and real-time transactions while protecting stakeholders’ rights and obligations. This includes agile contracts which are dynamically handling scope changes, smart contracts that can automate rule-based functions, friction-less contracts that can facilitate different activities, and opportunity contracts that looks toward the future. Innovative and Agile Contracting for Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 analyzes the consequences, benefits, and possible scenarios of contract transformation under the pressure of new technologies and business dynamics in modern times. The chapters cover the problems, issues, complications, strategies, governance, and risks related to the development and enforcement of digital transformation contracting practices. While highlighting topics in the area of digital transformation and contracting such as artificial intelligence, digital business, emerging technologies, and blockchain, this book is ideally intended for business, engineering, and technology practitioners and policy makers, along with practitioners, stakeholders, researchers, academicians, and students interested in understanding the scope, complexity, and importance of innovative contracts and agile contracting.

The Digital Transformation Of The Automotive Industry

Author :Uwe Winkelhake
ISBN :3319890875
Genre :Technology & Engineering
File Size : 36.52 MB
Format :PDF, ePub, Docs
Download :453
Read :742

Building on his decades of experience as a consultant and project manager in the automotive industry, the author develops comprehensive and pragmatic recommendations for action regarding the digital transformation of the automotive and supplier industries. At the heart is the transition from a vehicle-focused to a mobility-oriented business model. Based on the catalysts of the digital change, four digitisation fields are structured, and a roadmap for their transformation is presented. The topics of comprehensive change in corporate culture and an agile and efficient information technology are covered in detail as vital success factors. Selected practical examples of innovative digitisation projects provide additional ideas and impulses. An outlook on the automotive industry in the year 2040 completes the discourse.

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