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Attention: Action-oriented, results-driven individuals who want to get more done, in less time, starting NOW

Start the tasks on time, even if they don’t look urgent now. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of effort with questionable results. Staying on top of your tasks will result in good performance while maintaining a good quality of life. A useful chart is a daily time management activities chart combined with a. When you order your copy of “Time Management Made Simple,” you get: 12 audio CDs, totaling 12 hours of instruction based on my 1,000 hours of reading and research and my 4,000 hours of university work at the masters level, containing practical, proven ideas, strategies and techniques you can use immediately to begin mastering your time management skills so you achieve all of your goals.

Revealed! A proven time management system for mastering time management so you simplify your life, prioritize your tasks, and complete more high-value tasks in less time!

Dear Friend in Success,

How much time do you think you waste each day? Between phone calls and unexpected visitors, procrastination and indecision, you’re probably wasting hours each week (probably each day).

That means you’re losing time — and time is one thing you simply can’t get back.

Would you believe me if I told you I could teach you how to double your productivity?

Well I can, and I’d love to tell you how — but first, consider whether the following scenarios sound familiar:

  • You’re constantly overwhelmed. You have too much to do, and too little time each day to do it.
  • You’re okay at time management, but you’d get a lot more done if other people would stop interfering by calling, visiting and scheduling meetings.
  • You wonder how really successful people seem to get so much done — do they have some magic formula for adding more time to each day?
  • You’re busy all the time — but no matter how much you do, it seems like there’s always some huge project looming over your head.
  • You begin tons of great projects, filled with enthusiasm … but that excitement often dwindles down and you end up leaving projects unfinished.
  • Sometimes your life feels out of control.
  • You always have so much to do, and you know you should prioritize, but you aren’t sure how to decide what is the most important.

If any of these sound familiar, you’re in the right place. And you’re not alone.

“Time Management Made Simple”

Your guide to getting the most out of your most valuable resource: time.

Develop the habits that lead to time management mastery; and therefore, the achievement of the highest-value tasks in your life, every minute.

How effectively you manage your time determines the quality of your life.

During the past several decades, I’ve studied success — and one of its main components is time management.

Time Management Made Simple PDF Free Download

Here, I share with you the best, time-tested AND most up-to-date strategies for time management.

“Time Management Made Simple” is a product I’ve designed to show you how to manage your time effectively — starting NOW. Double your productivity, prioritize your key tasks, and spend more time doing what you enjoy.

So many people trudge through life overwhelmed, anxious, stressed out — they feel like they have too much to do and not enough time. It’s all because they haven’t mastered the skill of time management.

It’s not your fault if you’re among them. In today’s society, most people are programmed from an early age to be poor time managers. Plus, with the advent and increased use of email and social networking, it’s almost impossible to do anything without interruptions.

But there’s good news, and it’s two-fold:

First, time management is a learned skill. That means anyone, even you, can master time management.

Second, I’ve studied success — what makes some people more successful than others — for the better part of the past 4 decades. And I can teach you EXACTLY how to manage your time so you can get more done, in less time, and live happier and more fulfilled.


But before we get into how I can help you,
let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

I’m Brian Tracy.

I’m the owner of an international, multi-million-dollar company that specializes in educating people for personal and business success. I’m the best-selling author of more than 50 books.

So needless to say, I know a thing or 2 about time management.

This, never before released course is comprised of 12 crucial lessons:

  1. 21 Great Ways to Double Your Productivity
    All successful people are very productive. They simply get things done. So how do you increase your productivity? In this lesson, you learn exactly how to start living more productively, starting with small ideas like increasing your ability to type, and moving on to larger ideas, like re-inventing yourself annually.

  2. The Miracle of Self-Discipline
    Self-discipline is the master key to riches, and the key to self-discipline is to sacrifice immediate pleasure in the present so you can enjoy greater rewards in the future. Again, self-discipline is a learnable skill, and this lesson reveals tools and techniques you can use to increase yours so you complete the most important tasks (even when it’s unusually difficult, and even when you don’t feel like it!).

  3. Goals!
    Success is goals. All else is commentary. When you learn to set goals and make systematic progress toward achieving them, you can accomplish anything you want. During this lesson, you learn to become unstoppable in the pursuit of your goals. The result: you get everything you want, every time.

  4. The Psychology of Time Management
    When you begin to place a high value on your time, your mastery of time management increases — and your level of success follows. During this lesson, you learn a crucial fact: time management behaviors are a matter of choice. So how do you choose to spend your time? This lesson outlines precisely how you can set your mind up for automatic success when it comes to time management.

  5. Getting Yourself Organized
    When you become highly organized, you become highly effective — and in control of your life. Imagine feeling like you control every aspect of your life … it’s possible. This lesson details specific steps you can take to become more organized than ever before, thanks to proper planning, prioritizing and implementing.

  6. Establishing Proper Priorities
    The key to personal effectiveness is the ability to set priorities among your goals, tasks and activities. If you’ve ever struggled with prioritizing — because everything or nothing seems important — then this is where you become crystal clear about how to choose what comes first. This lesson outlines how to decide what to do first — and (even more importantly) what NOT to do at all.

  7. Developing the Work Habits to Get Things Done
    When you develop the habits of focus and concentration, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish — both in quality and quantity. This lesson describes exactly how you can take projects from start to finish, one after another, until you get done everything you set out to do. When this becomes a habit, you develop a reputation for being fast and accomplished — and nothing can stop you.

  8. Time Saving Techniques
    No matter who you are, what you do, or where you work, your productivity can fall victim to time wasters. Luckily, there are systems you can set in place to eliminate time wasters all together — or at least cope with them more efficiently. In this lesson, you learn how to identify these time wasters and then blast through them so your time is spent working. Remember, time is irreplaceable. But saving time is like earning time.

  9. Overcoming Procrastination
    If you live in overwhelm and desperation, you probably procrastinate. Procrastination is one of the most common barriers to success. The good news is that you can beat it. This lesson outlines exactly how you can overcome procrastination by continually taking action towards achieving your goals. Procrastination is a habit — and breaking it will pay off for the rest of your life.

  10. Keeping Up and Getting Ahead
    Especially today, competition is fierce, no matter what field you’re in. If you want to stand out, to succeed, you’ve got to stay ahead of your competitors. Here’s something to keep in mind: one new idea or piece of information can change the direction of your life. When you read this lesson, you learn how to exercise your mind so you’re always learning, always moving up, and always staying ahead of your competition.

  11. Saving Time in Dealing with Others AND The Philosophy of Time Management
    Your interactions with others consume as much time as any other part of your day, so shouldn’t they be as efficient as possible? Poor communication with others leads to tons of time wasted — but the first part of this lesson reveals how to streamline yours so everyone gets what they need — in as little time as possible. The second part of this lesson helps you prime your mind for excellent time management, long term. Long-term perspective is the reason for upper social and economic mobility in America.

  12. Simplify Your Life
    If you ever feel overwhelmed, or like you have too much to do and too little time, it’s time for you to simplify. When your goals align with your values, life becomes simple because everything you do in pursuit of a goal brings you closer to living in alignment with your values. This lesson gives you advice for simplifying your life so you experience greater enjoyment and fulfillment in everything you do.

Specifically, this course covers:

  • 21 ways to double your productivity (really! Use these and you get twice as much done in the same amount of time)
  • The ONE thing that begins every positive change in your life
  • One thing you can do to increase your productivity by 25% the very first day (anyone can do it!)
  • A formula for deciding which tasks to complete, in which order — and which tasks to eliminate completely (you may be surprised how many tasks you can eliminate from your to-do list)
  • When it’s okay to procrastinate (sound counter-intuitive? I can explain)
  • What you should be doing ALL the time you’re working
  • The ONE habit that contributes more to your success than any other quality of character — and specific steps you can take to master it
  • The key to upward social and economic mobility in America (and how you can develop it)
  • A daily discipline that increases your productivity by 5 and 10 times
  • One thing you MUST work on as if your future depends on it (it does)
  • 3 turning points in life
  • Techniques you can use to gain 2 extra hours of productivity each day
  • The cause of every failure — and how to get around it
  • Why prioritizing is essential in personal success — and how to do so effectively
  • What you must STOP doing in order to become excellent at time management
  • 7 major time wasters in the world of work today, and how to get rid of them
  • 10 tips for ditching procrastination once and for all
  • Why exercising your mind is just as important as exercising your body — and how to do it
  • The philosophy of time management, and how to apply it to your life for maximum success and personal fulfillment

To that end, I’m packing this product full of value.

When you order your copy of “Time Management Made Simple,” you get:

Simple Pdf Reader Download

  • 12 audio CDs, totaling 12 hours of instruction based on my 1,000 hours of reading and research and my 4,000 hours of university work at the masters level, containing practical, proven ideas, strategies and techniques you can use immediately to begin mastering your time management skills so you achieve all of your goals, faster than ever before — and get to spend more time doing what you love
  • A 100-page physical workbook so you can tailor this course to your own life, career, goals and desires

So you get all my experience and expertise, distilled into 12 power-packed audio CDs, plus a workbook to personalize this course to your unique situation. Once you take the assessment, you can apply what you learn there to everything in the CDs.

Now, you’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost you.

I’m a results-driven person, just like you are.

So I don’t have to explain why this product is a no-brainer.

For only $177 you will be able to immediately implement the practical, proven ideas, strategies and techniques I’ve compiled over 30 years and thousands of hours of research and college learning — and you almost can’t help but earn back this investment in no time.

If you implement these strategies, your efficiency and effectiveness will increase dramatically, starting right away. You CAN learn all of these skills — time management, self-discipline, prioritizing, goal-setting and developing the habits to get things done — on your own. But let’s face it — you’re going to learn them a lot faster when you take “Time Management Made Simple.”

Think about it this way: let’s say you value each hour of your time at even half of the cost of this investment. If you waste just 2 hours per day on phone calls, indecision, lack of planning, procrastinating … then once you learn the strategies and techniques in this program you earn back your investment in as little as one day.

It’s a no brainer, isn’t it?

Plus, you make this investment at no risk because you’re covered by my 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, within 1 year of receiving this product, you’re not completely satisfied, return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

Take your time to enjoy your products and put the proven strategies to work for you in your life and business.

If for any reason or no reason at all you are not completely satisfied with your product, just return it within 365 days and you'll receive a full 100% product refund.

That's a full year to put us to the test, use the information, put it to work, and make your dreams come true—all the risk is on us!

No weasel clauses or hidden meanings here. If you're not happy then neither are we. My friendly staff will cheerfully return your money and we'll still be friends. That's it.


Sound good?

Yes Brian!

Send me my copy of “Time Management Made Simple.”

I’m ready to learn your proven and practical ideas, strategies and techniques for mastering time management so I can get more done, in less time, and spend more time doing what I enjoy!

I understand that for just $177 I get:

  • 12 audio CDs, totaling 12 hours of instruction based on your 1000 hours of reading and research and 4000 hours of university work at the masters level, containing practical, proven ideas, strategies and techniques I can use immediately to increase sales, boost profits and achieve my goals
  • A 100-page workbook so I can tailor this course to my own situation, career, needs, goals and desires

PLUS, I understand I’m protected by your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Within 1-year of receiving this product, I can return it for a full refund if I’m not completely satisfied. No questions asked.

I’ve been there: overwhelmed, exhausted and feeling like I had WAY more to do than anyone else. But the fact is, mastering your time is a learnable skill — and I’ve learned it. Take it from me: when you get this tool under your belt, you become unstoppable — and you have more time to enjoy the things you love.

Here’s to your Time Management, Made Simple,

Brian Tracy

P.S. Wouldn’t it feel good to check the items off your to-do list, one after another, knowing you’re getting the most important things done, every day? Get your copy of “Time Management Made Simple” today.

P.P.S. Remember, you make this investment at no risk — you’re covered by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You can try out the ideas and strategies in this product for 1 whole year. If it doesn’t meet your expectations you can return it for a full refund.

Are you looking for practical time management sheets you canuse today? Thesetime management worksheets:

  1. Capture all of your tasks that you need to do in one place.
  2. Ensure that you not only get things done BUT get the right things done.
  3. Protect those vital few activities from the trivialmany.
  4. Track your time and diagnose any time managementproblems.

Time management sheet #1: Capture all of your tasks

Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you pulled in manydirections?

To reduce the feeling of stress and overwhelm it isimportant get all the tasks out of your head. So get all of the ideas that you have in your head, all the tasks that are sitting on post-it notes and other scraps of paper, and capture them all in a master to-do list.

No identify the logical next actionsthat you need to take in the variety of projects/tasks that you have on yourshort-term horizon.

Download your master to do list (PDF file).

Time management sheet #2: Align your day-to-day actions with longer term goals

Time management is not just about going quickly…as you cango quickly in the wrong direction! Time management is about making sure that you focusyour limited time on those things that matter most to you, your family, or yourcompany.

What I am describing is efficiency vs.effectiveness.Efficiency is like asking “how quickly can you climb theladder?” while effectiveness asks the question “Is the ladder leaning againstthe right building?”

Now that you have written down all the actions on yourmaster to do list I want to you think in terms of your long-term goals. If you don't have long term goals and short term goals thatfollow through, then it is difficult to prioritize your most important tasks.

The importance of a longer-term focus cannot beunderestimated.

Download your 1:1:5 values-goals-action time management worksheet (PDFfile).

Time management activity: Once you have completed this sheet for each of the goals that are important to you, look back on your masterto do list and see how many next logical actions align with any of theseactions that support your longer term goals.

See if you can add some of those actions that support yourlonger term goals to your master to do list.

Time management sheet #3: Protect the Big Rocks

While a 'to do list' was usefulin my dad's time - and it is better to have one that not to have one today -there are better tools on the market for today's world of work.

Basically in today's world ofwork the average person has over 300 hours of unfinished work to do.This means that you can't do it all!

So you want to make sure that you are not goingto miss out on those big rock activities. Your big rocks are those activities that are most importantto you, your family, or your company. One characteristic of big rock activitiesis that these are the activities that we are most likely to procrastinate on.

For many people short term planning is done on a daily to dolist. However, if you your planning on a daily list then you are leaving moneyon the table in terms of your productivity.

Successful people who are highly productive protect thesebig rock activities in their weekly planner and are single minded when it comesto focusing on these tasks.

Download your weekly planner tool (PDF file)

Do you get to the end of the dayand wonder where your day has gone? Are you overwhelmed and know thatsomething has to change but you don’t know what?

If so, then you need to apply themagnifying glass to your time management and diagnose the problem.

This where tracking your time isuseful – which can be done by conducting a time management log.

Download your time managementlog (PDF file)

If you feel that you are notspending enough time in certain areas of your life then it is time to setconcrete time management goals with this time management worksheet.

Download your time managementworksheet (PDF file).

If you like these time management sheets you will also like these time management exercises.

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