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'Valley of the Gods'
The Mummy: Valley of the Gods #1 (Chaos!)
Written by Marv Wolfman
Art by Mat Broome
Published May 2001

On an extended honeymoon in Egypt, Rick and Evie are summoned to assist one of Evie's old professors at an ancient tomb which may point the way to the long-forgotten Valley of the Gods.


Story Summary

Professor Julian Winter, assisted by Ardeth Bay, uncovers a previously unknown tomb. On the exterior wall of the tomb, Professor Winter espies an image of the Orb of Destiny, an object of which he was recently in possession and which he'd sent on to Evie. Opening the doorway, their crew is attacked by a specter-like ibis. One worker loses his life to the apparition, while the rest of the crew escapes.


Winters summons Rick and Evie to the dig site and instructs them to bring the Orb of Destiny. The two do so, along with Jonathan, but, not knowing exactly what is up, leave the orb in their hotel room as they join the crew at the dig. Reopening the tomb, the group is attacked by a group of animal apparitions. Guns prove useless against the phantoms. Rick instinctively grabs an old stone tablet as a shield and it seems to frighten off the beasts.

Examining the tablet, Evie realizes it is a map to the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Gods. The Valley of the Kings has already been uncovered, but the Valley of the Gods is unknown. The hieroglyphs describe it as 'where those who must be worshipped await their awakening.'

Soon, the group has traveled to the specified location, to find nothing but desert sand. Then, suddenly, twin pillars of sand swirl up to form towering giant warriors, trapping the group between them.


Didja Know?

This is part one of what was intended to be a 3-part story. The other two chapters were never published, as Chaos! Comics filed for bankruptcy in 2002.

Valley Of The Gods Pdf Free Download For Windows 7

Valley Of The Gods PDF Free DownloadValley Of The Gods PDF Free Download

The issue describes this story as taking place in 1927, about a year after the events of The Mummy.

Valley Of The Gods National Monument

Rick and Evie are newlyweds on extended honeymoon in this story.

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