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Versatile utility to rebrand the links and hyperlinks present in your PDFs
Viral loop pdf free download windows 10
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The Personal Edition of Viral PDF produces neat one-file rebranding packages for you to distribute among your affiliates and/or clients. You just need to decide which e-mail addresses, links, and hyperlinks in your PDF will be left open for rebranding, and the program will create a compact distribution package containing your PDF e-book and a small, footprint-free professional rebrander.

The entire process will take you just a few seconds – select the PDF file to rebrand, tick the e-mail addresses, hyperlinks and other clickable elements you want to make rebrandable, and ask the program to produce a nice distribution package for you. The PDF inside the package can be conveniently encrypted in order to protect its content – this will not harm your affiliates’ capabilities to rebrand the selected links using the rebrander provided, but will prevent all other elements in the document from being modified. Besides, you can always preview your PDF document (and check how the rebranded links will work) before releasing the rebrandable version to your clients.

Except for the possibility of rebranding non-clickable elements in the PDF file (i.e., text ), this Personal edition offers you the same functionality present in the Silver Edition, Viral PDF’s top version.


  • High level of flexibility
  • Allows you to decide which links and hyperlinks are rebrandable
  • Produces a compact rebrander file for easier distribution
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The rating – what does it mean?

Viral Loop Pdf Free Download Windows 10

At getAbstract, we summarize books* that help people understand the world and make it better. Whatever we select for our library has to excel in one or the other of these two core criteria:

Enlightening – You’ll learn things that will inform and improve your decisions.

Helpful – You’ll take-away practical advice that will help you get better at what you do.

We rate each piece of content on a scale of 1–10 with regard to these two core criteria. Our rating helps you sort the titles on your reading list from solid (5) to brilliant (10). Books we rate below 5 won’t be summarized. Here's what the ratings mean:

10 – Brilliant. A helpful and/or enlightening book that, in addition to meeting the highest standards in all pertinent aspects, stands out even among the best. Often an instant classic and must-read for everyone.
9 – Superb. A helpful and/or enlightening book that is extremely well rounded, has many strengths and no shortcomings worth mentioning.
8 – Very good. A helpful and/or enlightening book that has a substantial number of outstanding qualities without excelling across the board, e.g. presents the latest findings in a topical field and is written by a renowned expert but lacks a bit in style.
7 – Good. A helpful and/or enlightening book that combines two or more noteworthy strengths, e.g. contains uncommonly novel ideas and presents them in an engaging manner.
6 – Notable. A helpful and/or enlightening book that stands out by at least one aspect, e.g. is particularly well structured.
5 – Solid. A helpful and/or enlightening book, in spite of its obvious shortcomings. For instance, it may offer decent advice in some areas while being repetitive or unremarkable in others.

While the rating tells you how good a book is according to our two core criteria, it says nothing about its particular defining features. Therefore, we use a set of 20 qualities to characterize each book by its strengths:

Viral Loop PDF Free Download

Viral Loop Pdf free. download full

Applicable – You’ll get advice that can be directly applied in the workplace or in everyday situations.
Analytical – You’ll understand the inner workings of the subject matter.
Background – You’ll get contextual knowledge as a frame for informed action or analysis.
Bold – You’ll find arguments that may break with predominant views.
Comprehensive – You’ll find every aspect of the subject matter covered.
Concrete Examples – You’ll get practical advice illustrated with examples of real-world applications or anecdotes.
Controversial – You’ll be confronted with strongly debated opinions.
Eloquent – You’ll enjoy a masterfully written or presented text.
Engaging – You’ll read or watch this all the way through the end.
Eye opening – You’ll be offered highly surprising insights.
For beginners – You’ll find this to be a good primer if you’re a learner with little or no prior experience/knowledge.
For experts – You’ll get the higher-level knowledge/instructions you need as an expert.
Hot Topic – You’ll find yourself in the middle of a highly debated issue.
Innovative – You can expect some truly fresh ideas and insights on brand-new products or trends.
Insider’s take – You’ll have the privilege of learning from someone who knows her or his topic inside-out.
Inspiring – You’ll want to put into practice what you’ve read immediately.
Overview – You’ll get a broad treatment of the subject matter, mentioning all its major aspects.
Scientific – You’ll get facts and figures grounded in scientific research.
Visionary – You’ll get a glimpse of the future and what it might mean for you.
Well structured – You’ll find this to be particularly well organized to support its reception or application.

*getAbstract is summarizing much more than books. We look at every kind of content that may matter to our audience: books, but also articles, reports, videos and podcasts. What we say here about books applies to all formats we cover.

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