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Episode 179 (Season 3.5, Episode 7) – Work From Home Hacks PART 1

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Episode 179 (Season 3.5, Episode 7)

Work-from-home Hacks Pdf Free Download Windows 10

Working from Home Hacks, PART 1

As we take our first steps into Quarantine Season, we begin with how to structure your work life at home. Some of the juicy goodness that you’re about to hear will include working from home hacks, along with best practices to maximize the cleanliness of your kids!

In addition, the Boom Team is challenging you to grow out your beard to see who has the gnarliest facial hair when we’re done!

Join Terry, Megan, Producer Christian, and Todd as they sneak into your home and guide you through the first hack on how to make the most of this opportunity known as “quarantine”!


  • You can’t escape the Boom Team! [1:52]
  • Do you “detail” your kids? [2:08]
  • Are you letting your hair grow throughout the quarantine? [4:27]
  • Megan introduces our topic of the day, working from home hacks [7:05]
  • Todd shares the fact that they have a lady hiding above their garage [8:42]
  • All professional podcasts are recorded in their closet [9:14]
  • Tip: Create a dedicated workspace to work from while home! [11:12]
  • Shout out to Melanie Pichet and her dedicated webinar space [12:34]

Work-from-home Hacks Pdf free. download full


  • 20 Tips for Working From Home:
  • Boom Interview with Melanie Pichet:
  • The BREL Team (Melanie Pichet’s) website:
  • Griot’s Garage Car Detailing Supplies (we do NOT guarantee these products are safe for children!):


Work-from-Home Hacks PDF Free Download

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